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Braden Power

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Braden Power is widely known for his work in taking some of the worst buildings near Dallas’ central business district and turning them into some of the most sought-after rental units in the Metroplex. In 1991, while Braden was at S.M.U., he started what is widely known today as Power Properties. After renovating 46 residences in the blighted neighborhood of Old East Dallas, Braden decided to join forces with his brother Craig. From 1995, Braden and Craig Power have since developed and sold 319 condominiums, and currently owns and manages 662 residences.

Braden Power has a goal with every project which is to reinvent the way people view their living environment and redefine how they think about traditional rooms.Braden’s inspiration comes in various forms with the major one coming from his travels throughout the US and internationally. In the various cities he visits, Braden studies old and new architecture, landscape designs, art, colors and patterns, all of which invite new and innovative ideas to surface.

In 1990, Braden Power purchased his first home and personally renovated the residence and leased it out to students from Baylor University. He refinanced the home and used the seed money to start Power Properties. His personal projects grew to intimate courtyard complexes with densities as large as 12 units.

In 1995, Braden was presented with the opportunity to purchase a 45-unit building on Gaston Avenue which was initially slated for demolition. He joined forces with his brother Craig on this project resulting in a successful full renovation of the property and the start of a successful partnership. Braden Power and his brother now own a combined 32 unique courtyard apartment complexes in the East Dallas region.